Friday, February 29, 2008

Welcome and Guidlines

This blog is intended to be a place to post things that relate to the Stuck Headfirst fetish(where a person enjoys seeing or being stuck where you can not see the upper half of their body and are able to view the bottom part of their body; which in turn is accompanied by muffled grunts, moans, screams of distress and leg and feet kicking).This form of sexual arousal comes from a combination of helplessness, humiliation, and bondage. So if you are into other kinds of stucks, do not post them here. Wedge stucks can go to Molly coddles board, and sticky stuck fetish can go on Sticky Site or other forums or sites related to that fetish. Also if you are not 18 years of age you should not view this blog and not post pics or vids of yourself stuck

This blog is intended more for seeing woman stuck headfirst, but for now i will allow guys stuck headfirsts until i find a way to separate the two.

Welcome everybody who has come to view this blog and is interested in this fetish. To start us off I am going to post the list of stucks i have on video

agent aika- lady headfirst in plane compartment
aika r anime stuck- two girls trying to get out of a tank at the same time but are stuck,
project a-ko 2 anime stuck plus two photos of stucks in a-ko one and a-ko 5
idol project anime- girl headfirst in jellyfish
pokemon jirachi wishermaker- may headifrst in pile of candy
cinderlla grim fairy tales- stuck in the window
cowboy bebop movie anime - ed dives headfirst in vase
peterpan- tinkerbell stuck in keyhole
thats so raven headfirst in ice cream machine
starballz anime - lady stuck in vent graphic*
disorderly orderly movie- lady be crushed by fold up bed
martin mystery anime stuck- girls thrown headfirst ino dumpster
gun busters anime- girl stuck headfirst(doesn't look like it though) in cock pit of ship
dirty pair anime- girl stuck headfirst in a air duct fro a few seconds
lizzie mcguire tripping headfirst in trash can
gentleman prefer blondes stuck- stuck in port hole
means girl stuck
god must be crazy stuck- girl trapped in her dress stuck standing up
pokemon jessie headfirst in plant and jessie stuck in hole standing up, cassidy headfirst in sand
who's minding the store stuck movie - lady knocked headfirst into freezer
powerpuff x girls anime- headfirst in snow mountain
popeye olive oly - headfirst in moose head, cannon, barrel
sailor moon tainted tea party- sailor moon stuck under fence
i'm gonna be your angel anime- crushed between two balloons

and here is a list of stucks i have heard about or can't find

that girl- stuck in fold up bed possiblty of more stucks
vip ep lights camera val- pam headfirst in trash
beetlejuice cabin fever episode- girl stuck headfirst in barrel of fish
laverne and shriley- supposed stuck of cindy williams stuck headfirst in chimney possibilty might be in episode 81. Fire Show or 84. The Tenants Are Revolting 27. Birthday Show , 87. Shotgun wedding (lady tossed into barrel headfirst) head stucks 40. Tag Team Wrestling, 114. Welcome to Burbank pretty quick though
totally spies- found 5 looking for more
popeye episode wigwam whoopie episode- supposed stuck for olive possiblity of more stucks, the farmer and the belle
pokemon first season episode unknown- jesse headfirst in sand
101 dalmations the series fungus among us episode 19- creullea stuck
proud family dijonay stuck in bucket upside down
passions soap opera tatbhia stuck in washing machine march 7 2000 episode 175
getting by tv show- cindy williams in trashcan could be in episode 21. The Pit Stop, second ep 23. Sell It Like It Is 28. Three Days of the Condo, 29. Teacher's Pest

let me know if you know of any others. more to come on this blog